Relaxed Outdoor Lifestyle Portrait Photo session.

become one with nature!

Being in front of the camera can be intimating for many people and as professional Portrait Photographer I find shooting in a natural environment to be extremely helpful and supportive for everyone including myself. 

My role is to help you see your own unique beauty, connect to the beauty of the earth and to their own beauty,  make you relaxed and comfortable from the beginning to the end of the photo session!

"Moment to express yourself" outdoor lifestyle Portrait session

Grounded, relaxed, joyful and free. This is how taking lifestyle portrait photos in natural environments makes me feel. And I know that my clients feel the same way because all these qualities are reflected on their pictures. 

Sandy beaches with open space give a sense of unlimited possibilities, freedom and strength. Here we can play with the water and wind elements. Let’s go for a walk and explore the sandy beach during sunrise and sunset. Me, YOU and my camera.

Nature invites us to connect to the beauty of the earth and to our own beauty. Nature also brings grounding qualities and enables us to fully express ourselves.

Forest/Woodlands offer a warm and cosy feel to the images. A sense of safety and intimacy. We play with the trees, the deep shadows, the leaves...Bringing a very earthy and grounding feel to the pictures.

Rivers Portrait Photo sessions are a great way to express the feminine flow and energy in a more gentle way than the sea. We can play with the rocks, the shadows, the currents and the reflections in the water.

Let’s explore the beauty of woodland, forest or just nearest park near you. Perfect outdoor photo session location all year round. Not only in autumn!

Fields are open spaces but also usually contained, bringing a sense of freedom but also of security and of being held by the earth. It allows you to run, jump around, lie down on the earth...I just love the golden hour with its warm oranges, fiery reds, intense pinks and its soft light just a few minutes before sunset.

I love explore quirky corners of the city, What about you?

This is so much more than an lifestyle outdoor professional photo session.

This is a self-discovery journey and we go through the journey together! I create a space for you to express yourself, I gently guide and support you to open and be true to yourself.

I can’t think of better location that a beautiful park for the couple photo session!

Rivers are a great way to express the feminine flow and energy in a more gentle way than the sea. We can play with the rocks, the shadows, the currents and the reflections in the water.

I love seeing the transformation that a woman goes through during the portrait session with me! From being shy, sometimes vulnerable, perhaps lacking confidence or insecure to opening up, expressing herself, feeling free and beautiful, and having fun! 

While I believe in the benefits and power of going out of our comfort zone, I also think that a personal brand photo session should be a fun, unique and exciting experience and an opportunity for a woman to shine, get in touch with herself and express who she is in the most authentic way.


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"Amazing, wonderful and super professional session is what you get at Magdalena Smolarska Photography. Really couldn't express enough how nice and welcome I felt during the session. Not only will you feel comfortable and self-confident, you are also about to have a good time! I am amazed how many nice and creative ideas Magdalena has. If you're looking for the best photographer in the town, look no further. Much recommended!"

Outdoor Lifestyle Portrait Photo session with Magdalena Smolarska Brand Photography in London & Brighton, UK


“I was put completely at ease by Magdalena. Her suggestions regarding how to stand and position myself were so useful and made such a difference to the end photograph. It was interesting comparing a picture when I thought I was standing naturally and how a slight shift in body weight made all the difference to a good shot being great.

Magdalena’s passion shines through and I’m super impressed with my photo’s. How she managed to make me look great without being styled first is a testament to her skills. I highly recommend the experience and can’t wait for the next time".”



"Worked with Magdalena on couple occasions now, she never fail to deliver. Amazing pictures and atmosphere, let me also add I am not a model so staying on front of camera it's not something I am use to, however due to Magdalena's professional attitude and passion she manage to guide me thorough the shoots. Definitely would refer her to friends and family. "




"Magdalena's pictures are just simply wonderful! So natural, full of versatility and passion. You can see that she puts her heart into each single one. My favourite ones are the scenery pictures which she has taken in Spain. And every time I see her new photographs from around the world I am amazed how beautifully she captures all the moments. I would like to recommend her to everyone! Magdalena is an excellent photographer with a magic touch."


I am London & Brighton Personal Brand Portrait Photographer for entrepreneurs, creative individuals, influencers & families who are looking for authentic, relaxed and lifestyle brand portrait photos. I love Photography and I love everything to do with Portraits. Why?


Tell me your story and I will capture it for you. Let me be your story telling Portrait Photographer, capture your passion and reveal the person behind your business brand, your personality, beauty, emotions & real  moments in the most authentic way.  I am specialising in:

  • Commercial & Personal Brand Portrait

  • Corporate Headshots and Portrait

  • Outdoor Photoshoot

  • Event Photography


Getting booked and learn more about me & the Portrait Photography investment is super simple. All you need to is to fill in the form and tell me about yourself and how can I help you!  

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