I am an international Personal Brand Portrait Photographer & videographer based in sunny London & Brighton, Sussex, UK..

Photography credit:  Steve Brookwell

I strive to be surrounded with creative & passionate individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, influencers and freelancers who are looking for truly authentic and storytelling portrait photos. 

 PHOTOS & videos WITH SOUL...

I love photography and I love everything to do with PORTRAITS. Why?

As a teenager, I dreamt of being an artist. I wanted to create and express who I was through painting, design, photography and dancing. I wanted to work with colours and shapes. Instead, I was encouraged to pursue a more conventional path and went on studying accounting.

It took me a long time to discover, or rather re-discover, my passion. I didn’t choose this purposeful path until I was in my early thirties. I spent the last ten years of my life working in the corporate world before following my true calling. I did enjoy my job in Finance but I wasn’t 100% fulfilled. I clearly wasn’t making use of my strengths and talents. This was frustrating and affected my self-esteem.

Today, I am thriving as a Personal Brand Portrait Photographer & Video maker and love every aspect of my work. It fulfils me in many ways, allowing me to express my creativity, be surrounded by nature and interact and build relationships with amazing people every day: businesswomen, freelancers, soloprenour, artists, online business owners, bloggers, designers, creative individuals and many more!

Much more than a job, it is a way of life that reflects who I am and a lifestyle that I love.

This love for what I do gives me the energy and excitement to get up every morning!

I look around and I see ambitious, driven, creative individuals. Lots of them are freelancers, online business owners, entrepreneurs who have dreams and visions as BIG as mine. But sometimes they may struggle to become visible and share their passion more widely.

Here, I propose the solution to keep their website and social media filled with truly authentic photos & promo videos of their unique brand. I believe this way we all can build trust, loyalty and authenticity… By showing the world ourselves. 

When you pair these with authentic Personal Brand Portrait photos, that’s when the magic happens. As a photographer I love being part of their journey.

The best part is that I realised I could do it my way. An authentic story telling photography that captures the real you, your passion, your brand, YOU! 

Let's say goodbye to boring, bland, unimaginative photos of you and let's create something that's impactful, distinctive and authentically YOU!

 It’s time to stop hiding everyone!

It’s time to be visible.

It’s time to be adventurous and bold!

My #1 goal is to take more portraits photos of everyone who LOOOOOOVES to laugh but hates having their photo taken!

My #2 goal is to capture Personal Branding Portraits for amazing individuals who have big dreams like me! let me help you identify what makes you different, unique and let is shine!

My #3 goal is to showcase your personality, personal & business brand and how wonderful and special you are in the most relaxed way... Say no to boring headshots! 

I am over the moon when I am seeing my work all over the sparkly new websites of my clients. It’s so rewarding to see sooooo many of my headshots being put to a good use on social platform. Being part of my client’s exploration journey, supporting and watching them achieving their goals and vision before, during and after the Personal Brand Portrait Photo session is priceless! It's all about making connection and building relationship!

Based in London and Brighton, can be often found in Devon and available for worldwide travel.  Please browse my portfolio and get in touch.

SEE for yourself HOW the MAGIC HAPPENS!

See yourself how magic happens! When you come short of words to describe something, you have to be creative, right? Let me show you how much fun we have during the Portrait Photo session. The result is not only a picture but a moment to express yourself, your story, your passion, your business, YOU!

Best daaaaays are shooting with amazing individuals. Meet me with my clients, the traditional phone selfie at the end of the photo session!

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what i offer

Tell me your story and I will capture it for you. Let me be your story telling Portrait Photographer, capture your passion and reveal the person behind your business brand, your personality, beauty, emotions & real  moments in the most authentic way.  I am specialising in:

  • Personal Brand Portrait Session

  • Business Portrait Session

  • Outdoor Portrait Session

  • Family & Couple Portrait Session



Being part of my client’s exploration journey, supporting and watching them persuading their goals and vision before, during and after the Personal Brand Portrait Photo session is priceless!

Don't just take my word for it...





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The photo session experience it's an investment: getting to know each other, planning, set up and preparation, full dedicated photo session, editing process, reveal, digital image sharing. 

Getting booked & learn more about investment is super simple. All you need to is to fill in the form and tell me about yourself and how can I help you!  

You might find easier to call me directly on 07724547368.

Tango photography

The opportunity to combine two loves: TANGO and PHOTOGRAPHY is a dream. PORTRAYING the movement and rhythm as dancers are lost in their embrace... To me, these secret moments tell a story that otherwise remains unseen and unheard, and allows people to open their eyes and appreciate the world they live in.

As a TANGO DANCER and PHOTOGRAPHER, I see more than just two people dancing and embracing! I am seeking to portray emotions, expression, feelings, movements, connection captured in the tiny moments two people share together. It’s an art of observation and of framing it in the most creative and imaginative way possible.

My tango photography STYLE is all about following and exploring the light, hunting details, bold colors and patterns while dancers are lost in their embrace.  I take my time to capture something unique and special during tango events (marathon, festivals or local milongas). It’s all about these tango moments and the people photographed.

Based in NORTH & CENTRAL LONDON and available for worldwide travel. 

Magdalena Smolarska Photo studio:London Portrait and Personal Branding Portrait Photographer