UK Tango Festival & Championship 2017

Delighted to be attending the UK Tango Festival & Championships 2017 in London - great collaboration with a Tangofolly for the UK Tango Festival & Championship! I am truly enjoying the storytelling journalism style of this photography project. Each picture is unique with own “story” line which can make us laugh or cry. This is the magic of a photo that tells a story. Enjoy!

Highlights Day 1: the heats

"There was much excitement in the air as opening night of the UK Tango Festival 2017 kicked off without further ado in the grandure of the Edward Lumley Hall, London. This year......"

Highlights Day 2: the semi finals

"Onlookers gathered around as the Tango Championship Semi-Finals began in earnest. Here are the participants and finalists going through......."

Highlights Day 3: the finals

"This was it. The competition to crown the UK Stage and Pista Tango Champions would all boil down to just a few minutes of dancing under the scrutinising gaze of 6 judges......"

Backstage beyond the swing doors...

"One of the best places to be during the UK Tango Festival Championships is behind those swinging doors. Here the atmosphere is profound. There is excitement, nerves, tension..."

Magdalena shot such great moments at the final! I am really impressed with all the emotions and sparkle of the occasion captured in her beautiful photography. Superb job!
— Tangofolly- Rita Horne
Beautiful pictures ❤ Thank you very much dear Magdalena for putting so much inspiration and soul into immortalizing all those intense moments!!!
— Raluca Aldea