"Photos capture the moment, the memories, the stories. I’m a story teller and these are my stories for you!”

Magdalena Smolarska Photo studio


Taking photos is my passion; looking at life through a lens opens up a whole other world that is so often missed in our day to day lives. The ability to capture that second, that instant, that blink-and-you-miss-it moment brings me such joy. To see people’s reactions as they too see what I see is satisfying on so many levels. 

I am London based portrait photographer specialising in portrait for individuals, families, corporate headshots, lifestyle and event photography. I am passionate about photography, tango dancing, self improvement and everything to do with PORTRAITS. My photography often feel 

Based in North London and available for worldwide travel.  Please browse my portfolio and get in touch.  


Expect a lot of fun and laughs!  My role is to help you see your own unique beauty, connect with you, make you relaxed and comfortable from the beginning to the end of the photo session.

To me a portrait photography is all about telling a story about YOU, capturing your personality, beauty, emotions and real moments  in a natural and relaxed way.  I use simple lighting setups or pure natural light which will create a very flattering natural look of you and your body. My sessions are fun and relaxed and I take my time to create something different and unique just for YOU. 

All of my services are customized according to who you are and what your requirements are hence I tend to have initial get-to-know- each-other chat in person in cozy coffee place (you, me, cake and coffee or wine if you'd prefer) or over the Skype (if you have a busy lifestyle) to discuss the location, time and overall what to expect from the session.




The photo session can be held in my home studio in a very welcoming atmosphere or in the location of your choice, for example your own home or a place special to you and your family.

What I LOVE the most during photo seession is seeing the person getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera… Really to the point where this strangely uncomfortable feeling disappears and simply turns into fun and truly enjoyable experience for both of US!

After the photoshoot, I start my editing process and once that's finished, I share agreed number of digital images with YOU.


The photo session experience it's an investment: getting to know each other, planning, set up and preparation, full dedicated photo session, editing process, reveal, digital image sharing. It might feel like 60-90 min experience of expressing yourself which turns into an eight-hours day or more photographer work from start to finish. It's an investment I am prepare to make for you! What about you? 

Photography gift voucher

After so many of you have asked…Yes I do offer PORTRAIT GIFT VOUCHERS!

A GIFT VOUCHER to give to a friend, family or loved one to simple capture a special moment or celebration. Photography is the most precious gift you can give someone. Just keep it in mind! 

Tango photography

The opportunity to combine two loves: TANGO and PHOTOGRAPHY is a dream. PORTRAYING the movement and rhythm as dancers are lost in their embrace... To me, these secret moments tell a story that otherwise remains unseen and unheard, and allows people to open their eyes and appreciate the world they live in.

As a TANGO DANCER and PHOTOGRAPHER, I see more than just two people dancing and embracing! I am seeking to portray emotions, expression, feelings, movements, connection captured in the tiny moments two people share together. It’s an art of observation and of framing it in the most creative and imaginative way possible.

My tango photography STYLE is all about following and exploring the light, hunting details, bold colors and patterns while dancers are lost in their embrace.  I take my time to capture something unique and special during tango events (marathon, festivals or local milongas). It’s all about these tango moments and the people photographed.

Based in NORTH & CENTRAL LONDON and available for worldwide travel.