About me!

I am a London & Brighton Professional Portrait Photographer specialising in Personal & Business Branding Portrait Photography for individuals, female entrepreneurs, small to medium business owners, freelancers, couples and families who are looking for beautiful, relaxed and lifestyle brand portrait photos.


I love photography and I love everything to do with PORTRAITS. Why?


My #1 goal is to take more portraits photos of everyone who LOOOOOOVES to laugh but hates having their photo taken!

My #2 goal is to capture Personal Branding Portraits for amazing individuals who have BIG dreams like me!

My #3 goal is to showcase your PERSONALITY, personal brand and how wonderful and unique you are in the most relaxed way... Say no to boring headshots! 


Taking photos is my passion; looking at life through a lens opens up a whole other world that is so often missed in our day to day lives. The ability to capture that second, that instant, that blink-and-you-miss-it moment brings me such joy. To see people’s reactions as they too see what I see is satisfying on so many levels. 

Based in London and Brighton and available for worldwide travel.  Please browse my portfolio and get in touch.  

Tango photography

The opportunity to combine two loves: TANGO and PHOTOGRAPHY is a dream. PORTRAYING the movement and rhythm as dancers are lost in their embrace... To me, these secret moments tell a story that otherwise remains unseen and unheard, and allows people to open their eyes and appreciate the world they live in.

As a TANGO DANCER and PHOTOGRAPHER, I see more than just two people dancing and embracing! I am seeking to portray emotions, expression, feelings, movements, connection captured in the tiny moments two people share together. It’s an art of observation and of framing it in the most creative and imaginative way possible.

My tango photography STYLE is all about following and exploring the light, hunting details, bold colors and patterns while dancers are lost in their embrace.  I take my time to capture something unique and special during tango events (marathon, festivals or local milongas). It’s all about these tango moments and the people photographed.

Based in NORTH & CENTRAL LONDON and available for worldwide travel. 

Magdalena Smolarska Photo studio:London Portrait and Personal Branding Portrait Photographer